Compassionate Friends

A beautiful person called Bernadette Philips contacted me after reading Butterfly Barn. She said, “You need to meet Mary and Nick Ryan.” Bernadette didn’t get into details with either the Ryan’s or myself, just simply that we had to meet. So on Sunday last (22 March) Bernadette and I drove to New Ross. What I discovered was mind blowing!!

This wonderful Wexford couple have created a place of great beauty in honour of their daughter, Nicola. Nicola died from Sudden Cardiac Death at the tender age of fourteen leaving a gaping hole in the lives of her family. At Teach Beag, Nick and Mary offer a helping hand to others who are going through the pain of this tremendous loss. In their words, “We are not counsellors but we can listen and sit with you in your heartbreak.”

Over the years, the Ryan’s have helped many people and continue to do so. Beside the cottage they have created a memorial garden. It’s a place of great peace and tranquility. I drove away feeling inspired and thankful to know that there are so many good people in the world. Nick showed me a tribute on the wall just inside the door of the cottage. It was a list of all the family, friends and colleagues who donated their time, labour and supplies to create such an amazing place in honour of Nicola.

Everyday, I wake up grateful for the decision I took to finally release Butterfly Barn. I am so blessed by all the friends I have and the new ones I am meeting as this adventure unfolds. A huge thanks to Bernadette Philips of  New Insights for Change for bringing us together and imagine their logo is a purple butterfly. download

Next Wednesday, the 01 April, the Ryan’s will host their monthly free informal meeting at the cottage. All are very welcome. Spread the word if this has happened to someone you know, it might bring light to them.

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One thought on “Compassionate Friends

  1. Aideen Banet

    Hi Karen
    I wonder could you forward to me Mary and Nick’s contac details. Myself and my daughter Rebecca are in the same position having lost my daughter Shauna (17years old) last year. I think we reall need to link up with them.
    if you can help , thank you.
    Kind regards
    Aideen Banet


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