St. Patrick’s Day

I’m proud to be from, Waterford, Ireland’s oldest city, nestled in the beautiful South-East. Especially today because in 1903 Waterford Corporation was the first city to declare St. Patrick’s day a holiday. The story goes back to the 1700’s when a Franciscan priest called Luke Wadding, who haled from Waterford, was appointed to the Congregation of Breviary. His bid to make Saint Patrick’s day an official Saint’s day was successful.

Saint Patrick’s day has become a wonderful celebration of all that is Irish. It is an incredible achievement by many people who work hard at displaying all that is good about our country. So many nations have joined in the fun and celebrations by lighting their National Monuments green.  I can’t resist mentioning that we have only just celebrated another great Waterford man, Thomas Francis Meagher, who was responsible for the Tricolour which was flown for the first time in 1848 at 33 The Mall, here in Waterford.

We are a small city with a long, colourful history. Today, our name is known internationally because of the fine craftsmanship of our people who design, blow, cut, and engrave some of the most beautiful crystal pieces the world will ever see at House of Waterford Crystal. In keeping with Butterfly Barn being set here in Waterford, here’s a pic of the book cover outside their fabulous gallery here in Waterford. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Xx KarenIMG_2963

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