The Bermuda Bookstore


Hi Everyone,

Just a little story about the wonderful kindness and support Butterfly Barn is receiving. Jennifer from Beautilious here in Waterford took a trip to Bermuda, while reading Butterfly Barn on the beach a freak wave hit and soaked both Jen and her friend Eldon. (The ipad was destroyed but Butterfly Barn survived getting a little bit drenched). They got a mad idea to bring the book to The Bermuda Bookstore to ask would they consider stocking it. The owners were so amused by what had happened they agreed to read it and have since requested stock. Butterfly Barn is now sitting on a book shelf and in the window of The Bermuda Bookstore. How cool is that!! Here’s some photo’s of Butterfly Barn drying on the balcony … Butterfly BarnOutside The Bermuda Bookstore …
Butterfly Barn



In the window at The Bermuda Bookstore.

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