Creative Writing Workshop Testimonials

Creative Writing Workshop with WIT Creative Computing Students

Recently, I received an invitation from Jacqui Woods O’Brien, Lecturer in BSc(HONS) in Creative Computing at Waterford Institute of Technology to deliver a creative writing workshop to her first year students.

Of course, I said yes immediately. I was intrigued by a course that blends creativity with IT skills. These students are learning all the skills to produce a documentary, short or animated film. Fantastic!

Writing Workshop

Karen Power with some of the WIT Creative Computing Students

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How ?

Excited by the challenge, I set off to share what I have learned as a fiction author. Our job as story tellers in any medium is to interest the reader or viewer enough to keep reading or watching. Journalism’s five W’s & one H is a good place to start. Who, What, When, Where, Why and How?

Other Writing Elements

But there is also so much more to it. It’s important that the would be writer understands characterisation, prose, plot, sub-plots, theme, dialogue, narration, difference between showing and telling, the story arc, use of the senses and the editing process. Good writing should engage a reader’s emotions on some level. Books and movies are often referred to as “a roller coaster of emotion”, “a rollicking ride”, or “a chilling tale.” The reader/movie goer wants to be captivated enough to keep reading or watching.

Creative Writing Workshop Testimonials

“Inspirational is the word I would use to sum up the workshop from Karen Power. It makes writing feel like it’s accessible for everyone.” Linda

“I really enjoyed how Karen got me thinking about my own writing style and how I can improve. The workshop as a whole will greatly benefit me as a writer and it will help improve my skills.” Emma

“Karen told us about how to develop characters, how to compose dialogues and where to get ideas for writing books. I discovered a lot of interesting and new things for myself.” Dmitrijs

“Karen provided us with some key points about writing, but most of all she got us to bring out our creative side.” Michelle

“The second exercise was an amazing follow-up to the first because it allowed us to put into practice what we learned about using the senses. This allowed us to create a more believable world.” Paul

“I thoroughly enjoyed the experience with Karen and feel inspired from the workshop. It was a great opportunity to learn about writing and will help me to create depth and intrigue within my writing in future.” Sharon

“Everyone has a story to tell and everyone’s story is worth writing. That is why these kinds of workshops are amazing, to open you up to things and make you think outside your usual box. I would definitely attend again, given the opportunity.” Masa

“The creative writing workshop really helped me in planning out how to write an interesting piece. It was relevant to the module material and in helping me in all my future script and story writing.” Niall

“The short exercises we did with Karen explored writing with a more descriptive presence.” Amber

“The workshop that we had with Karen was great. It gave me personally a lot of insight on the story writing process. The practical side of the workshop I really enjoyed.” Killian


I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Huge thanks to Jacqui for the invitation and to the students for engaging so well with the activities. Best wishes to each and every one of you on your journey.

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